Oakhill Primary Academy

  • Doncaster Rd, Ardsley, Barnsley, S71 5ag
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Vision and Values

Inspiring today, making a difference tomorrow

A very warm welcome to the Oakhill website!

Our school is situated in Ardsley and we are an exciting and welcoming school that aims to provide our children with a high quality education.

Oakhill is a school in which every individual child is welcomed and supported to achieve their personal best. We aim to help children to work to become independent young people who are motivated to learn.

At Oakhill, there is a staff team that is committed to children’s well-being, children achieving their potential and extending opportunities for all. Oakhill has a warmth and a positive ethos that is created from the genuine and authentic care that the staff provide the children. Staff work hard to deliver a rich and challenging curriculum that has been carefully planned to allow the children to acquire the skills and enthusiasm to fully embrace life.

We care about the children and they care about the staff and we think that’s extremely important.

If you don’t find everything you need on the website then feel free to call us, or email us on admin@oakhillacademy.org.uk. We can’t wait to hear from you!


Our vision is to ensure that pupils become successful learners who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve; confident individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives; responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society.

We are committed to being:


Our ‘Oakhill Promise’ is based on five principles, Be Honest, Be Responsible, Be Safe, Be Respectful and Be the Best You Can Be.


  1. To form supportive partnerships between pupils, staff, parents/carers, governors, other agencies and the local and wider community to enable the positive development of each learner’s academic and social skills and to prepare them well for each stage of their learning and development at Oakhill and their life beyond.
  2. To create a secure, stimulating and industrious environment which fosters the development of all learners, so that they are appropriately challenged, make good or better progress and achieve their full potential.
  3. To provide a curriculum which takes into account the differing needs, interests and levels of development and attainment of our learners and ensures that the teaching of knowledge, skills and understanding is well-planned, broad, balanced, relevant, creative and values-led.
  4. To foster a spirit of independence, intellectual enquiry and mastery of skills and understanding in all learners.
  5. To promote positive attitudes in our school community with an emphasis on respect for oneself and others (their beliefs, culture, home background and property), self-discipline, resilience, cooperation and courtesy, enabling pupils to become good citizens in their own community and in a national and global context.
  6. To ensure equality of opportunity for all within an inclusive environment